Friday, 30 January 2015

One Week Smoke Free!

7:30 PM
Yes, I am smoke free for one week, first time in my life. My family and friends are extremely impressed. And so do I.

How do I feel? I am still coughing in the morning, but now it's dry cough, the phlegm has almost gone. My chest is not as tight as before and I can breath a bit more freely and I am sleeping better. Small but very important signs that I am doing something right. The dizziness is gone, but still have a "dry mouth" and drink a lot of water. My weight and blood pressure are pretty much the same as before.

My initial strategy was to gradually reduce smoking cigarettes by introducing vaping. It didn't work, in a positive way :) Actually I haven't had a single smoke puff since I've started to vape.

I had my last cigarette on January 23 at 12:15 noon, on the front porch. I should've taken selfie.

There are couple things that still bother me:

  1. Health. All these discussions about Aspire using ceramic wrappers that vaper can inhale. And a new study that revealed alarming levels of formaldehyde in vape.
  2. Maintenance. I have to recharge/refill at least twice a day
  3. Flavour. Every juice I've tried so far is sweet caramel-alike, sometimes with fruity undertones. I don't like sweet. Nothing comes even close to a true tobacco flavour. I contacted Flavour Crafters to find a bit more about their extensive tobacco line.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Day Five - done with cigalikes

12:45 PM
Bloog ecigs work well, much stronger vape than erolls. But still not good enough as the Aspire kit. I am done with cigalikes (vape jargon: cigalike is an electronic cigarette having a similar form factor as a traditional cigarette). They look very nice and you can vape hands-free, but they just don't perform. Very thin vape, no throat hit.

They may help some folks but I see them more like an introduction to vaping, really a starter kit. I would never survive that long without a single smoke puff just by using these tiny ecigs.

Stick to Aspire kit for now. Recharging the battery, refilling the tank.

Today I am vaping on American Reds. Really like the flavour but 12 mg feels a bit too strong for me, may need to buy a 9mg version.

5:30 PM
Quick visit to store, this time I picked Double Mint 6mg. Mixed it with American Reds 50/50 to achieve 9 mg concentration of nicotine.  Perfect concentration!

7:00 PM
Need to recharge the battery and refill the tank again. All this maintenance is a bit frustrating.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Day Four - more e-cigarettes

8:30 AM
Tried erolls at work (outdoor of course). The vape was too thin with no throat hit, I may need to replace the juice with more nicotine percentage. The batteries die pretty quickly so I  used another one while charging the first in a supplied PCC (personal charging case).

12:15 PM
Reading about ecigs, and guess what? Apparently Aspire is using some sh*ty ceramic stuff in their coil wraps that you may inhale. Watch this review on youtube at about 14th minute. You can find discussion here

4:30 PM
Barely survived without smoking real cigarette, 5 eroll cartridges were not enough for the day. I realized that erolls look great but don't perform to my liking. Came back home and suck on Aspire and the urge is gone. Never ever leave it at home!

5:30 PM
$60 + taxes
Another quick visit to the vape store. This time I picked up Bloog set with couple additional clearomizers,  and a bottle of America Reds 12 mg e-juice. This time I chose ecigs with power on/off button, it eliminates the delay that experienced with erolls.

Size comparisons:
1. Bloog ecig with standard cartomizer

2. And with optional 1 mm clearomizer

Doesn't look pretty as erolls but should perform better and last longer, will see tomorrow. Tried American Reds ejuice, the flavour is not that sweet as my other juices and does resemble Virginia tobacco. Not bad.

My collection of ecigs is growing and so is the maintenance. It takes time to charge all batteries, PCC and refill little tanks. I may need to rethink the strategy and instead of multiple small devices  just to buy one e-cigarette but with the larger tank and more capacity battery, so it can last all day long without refill/recharge.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day Three - learning from others

4:30 PM

The weather is nasty today, windy and really cold. Asked my wife if it's OK to vape indoor. The answer is no. Smoke free for 48 hours. No urges, still feel a bit weak and dizzy, but no urges to have a smoke. Charging batteries and refilling tank/cartridges keeps me busy. Washing my hands after each spill of juice. Why am I dizzy? Do I overdose the nicotine?

Tried my new erolls today, seems all right but vapour is a bit light.

Still learning vape jargon and watching YouTube.

Channels I like so far:



Todd ecigreview

Vaper's Glossary and Jargon


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day Two

7:00 AM
Woke up coughing, spitting tons of phlegm. Vaping doesn't work for me, nothing has changed. Poured some coffee, looked at the cigarette.....paused. OK, let's try one more time. Coffee and e-cigarette. Actually the taste wasn't bad this time, still too sweet. But the urge was gone again.

10:00 AM
This Aspire thing is big and heavy. I will look ridiculous at work in the company of other co-smokers. I need something smaller and more inconspicuous.

12:45 PM
$ 80
Came back from the store with eRoll and another two 15 ml bottles of e-juice, Captain Crust and Jamakin Me Blonde. I was advised that cereal/fruity stuff is really great.

Joyetech eRoll looks fantastic, like a real cigarette. Very nice design. No power on/off button, just inhale and it starts to produce the vapour. Put it back into supplied personal charger case and eroll starts charging (obviously if you charged the case first)

3:00 PM
My new e-juices are total waste, sweet with strong artificial caramel/candy-alike flavour.  Missing tobacco flavour a lot but haven't smoked since yesterday. Still feel dizzy and thirsty. Drinking a lot of water.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Day - January 23, 2015

6:30 AM
My morning routing always starts with a cup of strong black coffee (with no sugar or cream) and a cigarette of course. I smoke only outside, never indoor or inside the car. Hate winter. Cough is getting nasty, I am spitting up my lungs, my chest feels very tight. The store opens at 11 AM.

12:15 PM
$110 + taxes
Just came back from the store with Aspire Premium kit and 15ml of Boba's Bounty 9mg juice (supposedly the best tobacco flavour). The battery is charging and I am having a cigarette (fifth today?). Aspire battery with tank attached looks like a cigar. Reading instructions.

1:30 PM
Haven't smoked since noon and now feel the urge to have another cigarette. According to the LED the battery has not been fully charged yet\ but should be good enough to try. Assembled device and added some juice.  First vape.  Wow! It was not what I expected. The vapour was very light and tasted more like a cereal, no tobacco undertones whatsoever. Coughing like crazy. But the urge is gone. Couple more puffs and got back inside the house. I am still confused how much nicotine  should I use compare to a standard cigarette. After some internet research and, according to this table (Canadian cigarettes) , I came up with the following unscientific calculations:

1. I am smoking about 15 light cigarettes a day, roughly absorbing 1mg of nicotine with each cigarette. 15 cigs x 1mg Nicotine x 1 day = 15mg of Nicotine PLUS 65 mg of tar, PLUS 70+ carcinogens

2. If I vape 3 ml x 9 mg x 1 day then at 50% absorption it should be equal to13.5 mg of Nicotine, but ZERO tar, ZERO carcinogens (?),

7:00 PM
Haven't had a single smoke since noon today. Vaping about once or twice an hour, playing with different voltage settings, mouth-to-lung and directly to lung hits.  Getting very comfortable with vaping. No urges but feel funny, a bit dizzy and my mouth is dry. Do I vape too much or too little?

Few words about Aspire Premium Kit

1. Adjustability: Nautilus Mini (variable airflow) feels great for mouth-to-lung hits and variable voltage (3.3 V- 4.8 V) battery produces a thicker vapour at 4V
2. Well made. Nothing is falling apart or leaking. Just works.
3. Capacity: 1000 mAh battery and 2 ml tank lasted almost a day of moderate vaping without refilling or recharging.
4. Package includes charger and spare BVC atomizers.

1. To turn on/off you have to " Press button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds." Give me  a dedicated on/off button!
2. Battery status is represented by an LED colour: " Blue LED light will display for battery cell voltage of 3.5-4.2V. The Orange LED indicates a voltage less than 3.5V" Give me a little display!
3. Voltage numbers are tiny and you can easily change the setting accidentally.  It should be on that little display I mentioned above!
4. Charger: you have to take the device apart to charge it. Totally ridiculous. How about USB port at the bottom?

Thursday, 22 January 2015


5:00 PM EST 
I am Victor, a long time smoker from Toronto, Ontario. This blog/diary is a story about me quitting smoking. I put it together to share my journey with friends and family and hope that another fellow smoker may learn from my experience.  
I am continuously smoking for the past ~40 years and really enjoying it. I love tobacco. How it smells, tastes and hits the throat.  I am also attracted to a "tobacco culture" and collecting fine cigars, pipe tobaccos along with expensive humidors, lighters, pipes, etc.  My everyday smoke, until recently, was du MAURIER, about a pack a day.

Last summer I was diagnosed with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, ‘smoker’s lung”), a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. It is largely irreversible and the main cause is smoking. But one can stop the progression by quitting smoking. 
Next day after I was diagnosed with COPD I switched to a lighter brand (Matinée Mellow) and reduced my daily intake to 10-15 cigarettes. After a month I decided to quit cold turkey with the help of Nicorette gum.  I had sever headaches and quickly relapsed just after two days. Now I was smoking 20-25 cigarettes a day. And then the winter came. For many years I had a persistent cough all day long that just didn’t ever go away and every winter it gets worse, wet with a lot of phlegm. I felt like I was drowning.  Then I decided to follow Reduce-to-Quit program, again with the help of Nicorette gum and spray. Failed again.
I spent another month reading what other former smokers did to quit, and realized that the majority of success stories (one year or more of non-smoking) are related to e-Cigarettes. I talked to my doctor and she wisely advised that adverse impact of using e-Cigarettes is unknown, nicotine is toxic and not good for my heart or blood pressure, but she also added that vaping is likely less harmful than smoking a tobacco product.

So here I am. I decided to go with the step down method by introducing e-cigs into my smoking routing, more vaping = less smoking and eventually stop smoking completely   After doing some research and asking vaping veterans I made up my mind what my first e-cigarette and e-juice should be. I put aside an additional $500 to experiment with other devices and e-liquids to find what works for me the best. Tomorrow is the Day.