Wednesday, 26 July 2017

LieFeng 510 Flat Mouthpiece Drip

Couple new drip tips, nothing fancy. Good quality, no sharp edges, works.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pods for JUUL by ZiiP Lab

As much as I like JUUL there is one big issue - it's almost impossible to get pods in Canada.  About a month ago I came across new company, ZiiP Lab, they claim that their pods are compatible with JUUL batteries. Almost immediately I ordered couple packages, Tobacco and Strawberry Milk.

The initial impression was very positive. Each pod contains 1 ml of juice at 30 mg strength, works well with original JUUL batteries.

A week later after getting my first order  ZiiP Lab  announced Mango-flavoured pods. Obviously  I ordered them too along with Mint and Cappuccino.

The second batch pods are slightly different in size. The first ones were a bit too tight, but now they perfectly fit JUUL. No leaking or dry hits, good throat hit, the flavours are subtle but good, and reflect the description, may be except for tobacco, but I am really picky when it comes to tobacco flavours. Mango is really tasty!

According to ZiiP Lab, they will be releasing their own device soon, again very similar to JUUL,

followed by BO/MVE compatible pods in the next month or so.

Bottom line, those ZiiPs work fine and it's great to have "JUUL" pods finally available for non-US customers

That's all,


Sunday, 2 April 2017

New toys

Nicotine Salts.
Originally introduced by JUUL, nicotine salts supposedly are closer to natural nicotine found in tobacco leafs  than traditional freebase nic which is used in conventional e-liquids.  Is it because of salts or high nic level - I don’t know, but JUUL vaping is extremely satisfying, I need only several puffs to get my nic fix.

Followed JUUL’s success other companies also started making salts-based e-liquids. I found Mr. SALT-E readily available here in Toronto and decided to test it side by side with JUUL. I chose 48mg concentration.

The first impression is very positive, it might not have the same throat hit as JUUL by very satisfying vape. Definitely would like to try their Tobacco line.  Obviously, at this concentration, it is not intended for your standard atomizer or chain vaping. Considering that I am vaping  less frequently now the juice consumption is very low and one 30 ml bottle will probably last several weeks.

What else... happy with my recently purchased iCare Solo. It's a solid little clearomizer, very well made, no leaking, good flavour. Now is being used exclusively with nic salts.

Vaping old school style.
Couple weeks ago I came across LR510 SLR Bridgeless 1.0ohm Atomizer, a non rebuildable dripping atty that also can be used with bottom feeding squonkers. It was popular back in 2012 and several models are still manufactured by Avid Vaper, available in various colours, lengths, ohm resistances.

Works very well to test new juices and great fun to use. BTW, that Le Patriote SE is now my favourite tobacco-flavoured juice.

That's all,


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Serpent, a single coil RDTA by Wotofo

After watching positive reviews I decided to pick one up when it was on flash sale at GearBest for $20. Actually, I was surprised with the quality of the product, very well machined. It looks and feels like a more expensive atty. The package includes two drip tips, spare glass, o-rings, cotton and couple clapton coils. You can use your own drip tip ( as on the pic below) with ultem 510 adapter

Obviously, it's made for an open draw. You can get a restricted lung hits, but not MTL. I wish the air flow reducers (like for Kayfun V5) were included. Domed top cap produces excellent flavour. Super easy to build and refill, no leaking.

My only negative is - it's a bit noisy.

What else new? Got supply for my beloved JUUL which I am using daily in the office setup.

That's all for today.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

BO One

Another modern "cigalike",  I got it from JWELL in France, quick shipment to Canada.

After using it for a few weeks I have to say it's good. Very close to JUUL and better, for me, than MVE.

It's a bit bigger than JUUL, throat hit is not the same and occasionally spits back. But still good.

Here is Vic's review:

BO One Review by Vaping With Vic

JWELL just released a TC (temperature control) version, I might get it too.